The Mosaic Swarm is the place for you to come together with people from all around the world, to become part of the solution for humanity's biggest challenges. As a part of your membership, you will get to participate in Swarm exercises that will eventually decide what world problems to solve (global warming, hunger, homelessness, inequality, education, healthcare, etc.) What would you choose?

What is the Mosaic Swarm?

We have created virtual chat rooms (and eventually we will have live chat rooms) for people of like and unlike mind to come together & "speak without anger and listen without judgment", to innovate new ways to solve problems that have contributed to human suffering for centuries--and way too long!

We will use the proprietary Swarm methodology to guide our decision-making process.  All we ask is that you share your perspective as a person who cares about humanity and ending suffering on Earth. 

How You Can Participate

All we ask is for $1 per month, [That's just $12 a year] to be part of a revolutionary program that can influence the way we as a collective can address issues facing the sustainability of humanity and Earth.  

Imagine having over 1,000,000 people in our Swarm, each giving $1 per month that will go directly into programs that serve the issues the Swarm decides are most important!  This is the power of the Mosaic Swarm, and we want you to be part of it.

What you will receive is a welcome email that describes how you can participate in all the Swarm exercises we engage; monthly email updates from The Mosaic Swarm team; and the satisfaction of knowing that your money is funding the solutions that The Mosaic Swarm decides upon!



In the most connected time the world has ever known so many of us feel alone.  We feel like our opinions do not matter and that we are small and insignificant.  When in reality, every single one of us wants to feel loved and accepted, listened to, heard, and validated.  For too long, many of us have felt voiceless, and being part of the Mosaic Swarm will do just that!

We know that each of us is part of the Mosaic of humanity: some of us small, some of us feeling broken, all of us in every color, mindset, and possibility imaginable.  Each of us has a different shape, form, and contribution to bear--and when put together the Mosaic that encompasses us all--piece by piece--what unfolds is beautiful artistry for all to behold.

Behind the Scenes

Meet the groups that are working diligently to ensure the success of The Mosaic Swarm!

The Mosaic

Danny Levin is the man behind the scenes who is the founder of The Mosaic Swarm.  He is the fire of the inspiration and the wind beneath our wings.  You can find out more about Danny by reading his book, The Mosaic, or by listening to his podcast, The Mosaic Podcast!

Check out the Podcast!


Be part of the collective that is forming to end suffering in the world, to embrace humanity by giving a voice to the voiceless, and make decisions together that serve us all! 

Join the Mosaic Swarm


We have teamed up with Lindsay Andreotti and Earth.University to conduct research on Swarm engagements. The mission of Earth.University is to bring conscious philanthropy and mentoring to next generation leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating Humanity+ organizations.  

Check out Earth.University

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